Are You A Guardian?

Guardian by Ruben “Bamm Bamm” Cano

You proclaim that you are a Guardian
By the patch you wear
Symbolizing to all that you have faith
That you are worthy
That you trust in yourself
But I wonder
Have you caught
The true meaning
Of the symbol you wear?
Why the background is black
And the letters maroon or blue
Why the shield covers the swords and
The scales hang unbalanced
Why the wings are silver as well as the border?
I tell you this
For this is who we serve
Black is for the dark times abused children live in
Maroon and Blue for the pain they endure at the hands of others
Silver is the lining
A ray of hope
That someday
The abuse will stop
The shield and swords are our tools
A Guardian must battle those whom oppose
The scales are unbalanced
And so will remain
Until such time that justice is served
On all those to blame
The archangel wings
Send a message of the highest importance
Truth and
Is the Guardian way
Now I ponder
Are you a true
Guardian of the Children